4 Styles Of Wood Fence For Your Yard

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4 Styles Of Wood Fence For Your Yard

2 October 2020
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Do you want to add privacy and security to your home's yard? Consider adding a wooden fence to your yard. Here are a few types of wood fences that can be a great addition to your home.

Wood Panel Fencing

One of the cheapest types of wood fences you can install around your yard is a wood panel fence. As the name implies, the fencing material comes in sections that are connected to each other, and often have planks of material that are very close to each other to offer privacy. This type of fencing material can be purchased from your local home improvement store and installed on your own if you are handy when it comes to home improvement projects. 

Varying Width Fencing

You may prefer a varying width wood fence in order to switch things up a bit. These fences cost more money to have installed because they are more labor intensive, but can look quite nice. Instead of having planks of woods that are placed vertically, the planks are installed horizontally. The planks of wood are also not uniform in this design, since a pattern can be made of varying widths to create a unique aesthetic. 

Herringbone Fence

If you prefer to have total privacy but do not like the look of wood panels, a herringbone style fence is a great option. This fencing style places the wooden planks at alternating 45 degree angles so that they form a unique pattern on the surface that adds some beauty and depth. The planks are usually installed next to each other in a tight configuration, leaving no gaps for people to see through the fencing material from the outside. However, gaps can also be used between the planks as well. The end result is a stylish fencing material that stands out in a good way.

Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence is a wonderful choice since there is no bad side of the fence that shows all of the posts, rails, and board faces. If you want to be a good neighbor, use this style of fence so that it looks good no matter which side you are on. The alternative boards allow for some privacy when looking at the fence straight on, but allows you to still see in when on an angel. It can be enough to see when people pass by the fence, which could be seen as a way to improve security as you can still tell when people are approaching.

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