Know Your Options With Picket Fencing

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Know Your Options With Picket Fencing

18 September 2020
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Picket fencing is an attractive choice for both front and back yards, so it's no surprise that it is one of the first fencing types people think of. There are several choices you need to make if you decide to install a picket fence.

Wood or Vinyl

The traditional white picket fence was made of wood, which had to be painted or white washed on a near annual maintenance in order to maintain the color and prevent rot. Fortunately, you can have the traditional look without all the extra maintenance if you opt for vinyl fencing. Vinyl pickets come in two main designs -- textured and smooth. Textured vinyl has a closer resemblance to wood since it mimics the wood grain texture, but smooth vinyl fencing is easier to rinse clean since pollen and soil won't get stuck in the texturing.

Panels Vs Pickets

Once you decide on a material, you will be faced with the choice of panel or picket fences. Both wood and vinyl are available in pre-made panels that feature rails and pickets that are attached, typically in lengths of 2, 4, or 6 feet. These panels are then attached to the posts. Panels are a good choice when you want to install a fence quickly over relatively level terrain. If you will be installing over non-level terrain, then individual pickets are better because you can adjust the height of the pickets along the rails for a more level fence.

Color Options

Although many people think of a white fence when they are considering pickets, you can have any color you like. Your color choices will be most limited with vinyl fencing, particularly vinyl panels, as these are usually only available in the most popular colors of white and shades of brown. If you dream of a more brightly colored fence, then opt for wooden pickets or panels. You can paint these whatever color you please. You can even change the color on a whim if you are willing to repaint the fence whenever the mood strikes.

Spacing and Height

You have the opportunity to customize your fence to your property and needs. You can opt for a low picket fence in a front yard for example, or a taller fence in the backyard if you prefer some privacy. Spacing can also impact the appearance and the privacy of the fence. The more closely spaced the pickets, the more private the fence. Just make sure the openings are such so that pets or children can't become stuck between the pickets.

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