Three Types Of Fences That Are Suitable For A Yard With Dogs

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Three Types Of Fences That Are Suitable For A Yard With Dogs

26 June 2020
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If you've recently bought a dog and you look forward to being able to let it roam freely in your yard, one of your tasks before this can happen will be to erect a fence around the yard's perimeter. To do so, you'll likely want to hire a local fence contractor, given that this work is labor-intensive and challenging to do effectively on your own. In order to get a quote for the job, your contractor will need to know what type of fence you want built. Here are three types of fences that are suitable for containing a dog.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a smart choice when it comes to containing a dog in your yard. This fencing material tends to be affordable and quick to put up, which can be ideal if you're keen on getting the job done fast. While chain link fencing may lack the visual appeal that other fencing styles offer, it's ideal because it's resilient. The fence will last a long time, and you won't have to worry about your dog damaging it in any way. If your yard is small, the open appearance of a chain link fence can help to prevent the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Invisible Fence

When a lot of people think about fences that are suitable for yards with dogs, they think about invisible fencing. This type of fence is one that is buried beneath the ground, so your yard won't actually look as though it has a fence around it. Your dog will wear a transponder on their collar, which will send a signal to the animal when they get too close to the buried fence. If you want to keep your dog safely in your yard but want your yard to maintain an open feel, an invisible fence can be a logical choice.

Wooden Fence

There are many different styles of wooden fences that may appeal to you. For example, some homeowners favor fences that have the lumber placed vertically, while a horizontal look is preferable to others. Provided that you choose a design in which the boards are close together — which is especially important if your dog is small — a wooden fence will be effective for containing your pet. Wooden fences can be beneficial because their solid design provides some shade when the sun is low in the sky; dogs often enjoy spending long stretches outside, so you'll appreciate that your dog can stay in shade on hot days.

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