5 Reasons to Fence in Your Front Yard

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5 Reasons to Fence in Your Front Yard

15 June 2020
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Most people fence in their backyards, but front yard fencing is less common. Yet, a low front yard fence provides many benefits. Here are five reasons why you should consider a front yard fence.

1. Protect Your Landscaping

It can be frustrating if neighbor kids trample your flower gardens or if dogs on a walk decide your yard makes the perfect rest stop. Instead of arguing with your neighbors about property rights, put in a low front yard fence. These fences are designed to keep people and pets from accidentally walking through your yard, but they are low enough so that you can still chat with people walking by and remain an active member of your neighborhood.

2. Contain Children and Pets

Sometimes it's your own children and pets that need a bit of containing. A low fence around the front yard completely contains small children and pets while providing a reminder to older children of where the outdoor boundary exists when they are playing. You won't have to worry as much about a child or pet wandering or running into the street. The fence will even contain toys, so no one will need to chase a wayward ball across the road.

3. Provide Some Security

Although most front yard fences are too low to completely keep out intruders, the fence will discourage those that have no need to be on your property. Opening a gate or jumping over a fence is more likely to attract attention, and most thieves or vandals are looking for much easier and less noticeable targets. If you opt for a see-through fence option, such as a wrought iron or open picket fence, no one will be able to hide behind your fence, either.

4. Improved Curb Appeal

Sometimes a yard looks somewhat flat and plain from the street. An attractive front yard fence adds height, texture, and depth to the landscape, thus improving the curb appeal. You can further improve the look of your home by planting a border hedge or by installing flower beds along the fence line.

5. Foster Better Neighbor Relations

The old adage that good fences make good neighbors is often true. Your fence will keep your pets from accidentally destroying your neighbor's yard, for example. A nice, low front yard fence also clearly marks the property line, which can reduce the chances of future disputes. Just make sure to consult with your neighbor and verify the property lines before installing the new fence.

Contact a fence installation company to discuss your front yard fencing options.