4 Fence Design Tips To Help Blend Wood Fencing In The Front And Back Of Your Home

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4 Fence Design Tips To Help Blend Wood Fencing In The Front And Back Of Your Home

18 March 2020
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When you want to have a fence installed around your home, one of the best choices of materials is wood. This is due to wood being a versatile material that can have custom features that blend together. Therefore, you are probably looking for ways to blend the wood fencing in the front and back of your home together for a uniform appearance. The following fence design tips will help you blend fence designs together when installing new fencing around your home:

1. Fence Heights 

The first thing you will want to consider is the height of the wood fence in your backyard. This is an area of your home where you probably have an outdoor living space and want to have privacy. Therefore, you want to use wood fencing that is higher in some areas to reduce visibility. This can be done with features like transoms that are installed above the fence at the back of the fence line, which can gradually be reduced toward the front gate.

2. Designs 

You may want your fences to match, but this can be hard if you use different materials like wood for the backyard fence and metal materials like wrought iron in the front of your home. To avoid these problems, change the design in the front to be unique but still use the same materials to ensure the designs of both fences blend together well.

3. Lighting 

Lighting can also be a great solution to help blend the designs of your fences together. These can be features like posts with light caps or the lighting features that are integrated into the design of your fence. Try to use similar light fixtures in the front of your home and the back of your home to give the overall design a more uniform appearance that blends together well.

4. Landscaping and Gate Strcutures

The landscaping around your home may also have features that can be integrated into the design of the fencing. These are features like arbors, garden trestles, and pergolas. To create a uniform fence design, integrate these features with the same materials and designs in the front and back of your home.

These are some tips that will help you blend the fencing in the front and back of your home together for a uniform appearance that adds value. If you are ready to add new fencing to your home, contact a fencing company, like York Fence Co, and talk about some of these ideas for the design of your fencing.