3 Surprising Benefits Of A Privacy Fence

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3 Surprising Benefits Of A Privacy Fence

17 March 2020
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The main benefit of a wooden privacy fence is right there in the name — privacy. If you have a privacy fence enclosing your backyard, it shields your activities from neighbors and passersby. However, did you know a privacy fence can convey other benefits as well? Keep reading for some of the surprising benefits of such a fence.

1. Privacy Fencing Reduces Noise

A privacy fence consists of tall panels with few or no gaps in between the pickets, which is how they give your yard privacy. Those panels also serve another purpose — they dampen the noise. An eight-foot privacy fence can decrease the outside noise by 6 to 10 decibels.

This noise reduction is useful if you live near a busy street or you're simply sensitive to noise. You can enhance this benefit with other backyard additions, such as trees to further dampen the noise and a water fountain to provide ambient sound.

2. Privacy Fences Create Shady Spots

That construction of privacy fencing also has another hidden benefit. The privacy panels don't block just sightlines and noise. They also block the sun at certain times of the day. Therefore, privacy fencing keeps your whole backyard a lot cooler. You might feel comfortable enjoying the yard even on the hottest summer days.

Although you won't want to be in the middle of the yard in the noonday sun, you still have more shade with a privacy fence than with traditional fences. You can see how the sun hits the fence at certain times of day to determine which spots will be shady when you most want to use the yard. You can set up seating, a grill station, or even a hot tub in that shady space.

3. Privacy Fences are Customizable

Contractors usually construct the privacy panels on-site, so they have a lot of options for the style of the fence. The traditional style consists of a straight rail at the top with the pickets in an even succession. However, the contractors can replace the straight rail with an arch or a scallop. They can also alternate the pickets on either side for a cool effect.

What's more, you have a wide variety of finish options. You can leave the fence unfinished or choose a stain that's very transparent so the wood's natural beauty comes true. Stains also come with a lot more opacity and depth for different effects. With all these choices, you can design a fence that complements your house and yard.

Reap the rewards of privacy fencing by talking to a local fence contractor about having one installed.

To learn more, contact a company that offers custom wood fences.