Perimeter Fencing For Golf Courses: 5 Reasons To Choose Ornamental Metal Fencing

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Perimeter Fencing For Golf Courses: 5 Reasons To Choose Ornamental Metal Fencing

11 March 2020
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A golf course can be a very peaceful and relaxing place to be, but the ambiance of a relaxing park can be quickly shattered by unwanted intruders, stray wildlife and other unwelcome distractions. Any public golf course, from the smallest suburban pitch-and-putt to a professional 18-hole course, should be fitted with a secure perimeter fence to keep out unwelcome guests

If you are looking for suitable perimeter fencing for a golf course, ornamental metal fencing is one of the best options out there. While it may not sound like a particularly secure type of fencing, ornamental metal fencing has a number of advantages over other popular golf course fencing options, such as timber panel or wire mesh fences.

What are the advantages of using ornamental metal fencing to secure a golf course?

Nearly impossible to climb

When choosing a perimeter fence to protect a golf course, you must ensure that the fence cannot be climbed easily by either humans or animals. This rules out many popular options, such as ranch fencing and non-welded chain link fencing.

Ornamental metal fences are made from cylindrical posts made from steel, aluminum or wrought iron that are arranged vertically and closely spaced to prevent smaller intruders from squeezing between them. This configuration makes ornamental metal fences extremely difficult to climb as they do not provide any easy hand or footholds, and their vertical metal bars are very slippery and difficult to grasp.

However, if you choose ornamental metal fencing for its security benefits, make sure you choose fencing where the vertical metal posts extend beyond the top of the fence's top rail. Ornamental fences with flat top rails are much easier to climb and do not provide nearly as much security.

Exceptional durability

As you can imagine, a fence made from sturdy metal posts is significantly more durable than a simple timber or metal-wire fence, and ornamental metal fences have exceptional toughness and longevity. They are particularly resistant to heavy impacts and cannot be toppled when properly installed, which can be very useful for keeping out feral hogs and other large, powerful animals.

Ornamental metal fencing also has excellent environmental resistance and will not fall victim to rust and corrosion as long it is properly maintained. Aluminum ornamental fences are naturally immune to corrosion, while steel and wrought iron fences are pre-coated with tough, rust-resistant surface treatments that can remain effective for many years.

Attractive and unobtrusive

As you have probably gathered from its name, ornamental metal fencing can also be an attractive addition to your golf course. While a well-made ornamental metal fence is very aesthetically pleasing up close. Its simple, low-profile design also allows it to blend easily into the background from a distance, minimising any visual impact to your carefully landscaped course. Ornamental metal fences treated with black or green rust-proof coatings are particularly good at blending into the environment.

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